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June Is the Month For World Elder Abuse Awareness

In many countries and communities around the world, the proportion of young people is becoming smaller while the proportion of older people is increasing. Unfortunately, because of the increase in older people, there will be a substantial increase in elder abuse worldwide. Inaugurated in 2006 by the United Nations National Assembly, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15th) attempts to inform the entire world of this growing problem.

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What can you do for mental health month?

What can you do for mental health month? May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and that means its time to focus on the other half of our personal selves that we neglect too often. As a society within America, we are undoubtedly focused on living a healthy lifestyle, but more often than not it is geared towards the physical aspects of our body. Eating healthy is absolutely a positive for the body as well, but we tend to overlook one area: our minds and mental wellbeing.

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Good Mental Health Nutrition

What we put into our bodies can always affect us in different ways. Some individuals may be highly sensitive to sugar or gluten, while others may have issues being allergic to eggs or shellfish. The nutrients we also receive from food can impact us negatively or positively, which makes what we eat on a daily basis very important. You cannot live on a diet of ice cream or fatty foods and not expect to gain weight and experience some medical issues down the road. It may be fine at first, but overall you will likely not be in the best of health.

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When Health Issues Become Mental Health Issues

When interacting with individuals who discuss psychiatric issues, we may often hear the phrases “Mental Health Issues” and “behavioral health” used interchangeably. While it may have been less clear in the past as to what each phrase or concept represented, in more recent times, medical professionals, doctors and mental health specialists have come to recognize that each of these problems is a different category, focused on specific differences. In order to better understand why each issue is different, and how they are focused on individually, w e should look a bit closer as to their meanings.

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Can One Phone Call Help?

How does a person get mental health help? Can one phone call really make a difference? When it comes to struggling with mental health issues, there is no doubt that picking up your cell phone or home phone and dialing a number for help or to get answers is a key element towards recovery. Many men and women make the mistake of suffering in silence, thinking that there may be no hope for their particular situation; they could even be afraid of ridicule or the stigmas that are often associated with these types of conditions

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