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Good Mental Health Nutrition

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Good and Bad Chemicals in Our Food

Our brain is a fairly complex organism, and we often minimize its ability to adapt and react to various stimuli, be it a traumatic experience or even the chemicals found within our food.  We cannot underestimate the way that we can react to various chemicals or components of our food, such as sugar, nor can we attempt to control how they ultimately affect us. When we start to realize this, and begin to pay attention to the what we eat, how often we eat certain things and even keep notes such as food journals, we can grasp which particular items are giving us trouble.

Balance is Key

By integrating natural foods and a focus based around a balance of fruits, vegetables and modest servings of healthy meats, we begin to see significant results. While many will undoubtedly have convictions on what foods should enter their bodies, such as the practice of veganism or leaning more heavily towards the vegetable side of the spectrum, as with vegetarians, the important thing to understand is how your body works and functions for yourself. Arguments can be made for both sides of the equation, and this is healthy and important: as long as your intake is balanced, you will likely be receiving excellent health benefits for not only your body, but also your mind and brain.

Rich in Vitamins

Foods rich in vitamins or minerals can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Let’s try an experiment: for several weeks, try and keep a food journal and document how you are feeling after eating specific meals and types of food. Try to shift towards a diet that eliminates all or most sugars and processed foods. You will likely be able to make a determination within several days on how you are affected! Ultimately, you will be best served by either consulting with a nutritionist and a mental health professional on how to best gear your eating habits in order to eliminate some mental health issues.

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