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At Palms Behavioral Health, we provide acute inpatient psychiatric services to adolescents’ ages 12 to 17. Our adolescent clinical team is led by a board certified psychiatrist. Staffed with mental health professionals including registered nurses and master’s level therapists, we are able to provide assessment, diagnosis and rapid stabilization of acute psychiatric referrals to less intensive, appropriate levels of follow-up care and support. Our goal is to effectively treat adolescents suffering from psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral challenges. We help them to improve their clinical status, regain their quality of life and return to daily activities in their homes, among their families and in their schools and communities.

Whether choosing one of our inpatient services or seeking to invest in an outpatient schedule in order to work with an adolescent’s school schedules, Palms Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing an environment of the highest quality: this means your child or adolescent will feel safe and comfortable, which can help in opening up and addressing key points.

Here are some of the services that we are able to provide for the 12 to 17 year old adolescent groups:

Inpatient Service Highlights

  • Assessment, diagnosis, and rapid stabilization of acute psychiatric issues.
  • Structured, therapeutic environment that meets the needs of acute conditions and problems
  • Focused on smooth transition to less intensive, appropriate levels of follow-up care and support
  • Psychiatrist-led multi-disciplinary treatment team of clinicians provides multi-modal psychotherapeutic treatment
  • Coordination and discharge planning with families or other caregivers, community agencies and insurance companies

Outpatient Service Highlights

  • Continued physician oversight and medication management
  • Client continues to live at home, while attending the outpatient center during the day
  • Further stabilization and transition back into productive activities at home, work and in the community
  • Nutritionally balanced lunch and snacks served daily
  • Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

If you notice any particular mental health or behavioral health issues that may be surfacing in your adolescent, we offer a free and completely confidential evaluation.  Contact us at 956-365-2600 today for more information, or to schedule a time for us to talk to your son or daughter.