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Why Palms Behavioral is Unique

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Thank you for inquiring about our facility and programs here at Palms Behavioral Health. We want to be your hospital of choice and sincerely value your input. Our staff are well trained and have vast level of experience in treating and helping individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse difficulties. We believe that patients who come to our facility deserve quality care, and truly benefit from our unique approach.

The cutting edge design of our building is specifically built for the behavioral health patient populations in mind. Our hospital has an indoor gym to allow for activities and exercise as part of the daily programming.  Our expert and professional treatment team includes the attending psychiatrist, a licensed Registered Nurse, a mental health therapist, and other staff who contribute to each individual’s care and recommendations throughout the episode of care.

Group of Health Professionals

Our team follows each patient from admission to discharge and provides a complete discharge plan which helps connect patients to community resources and networks of support. Palms Behavioral Health also wants to continue to be a resource and support for our patients following discharge. We have a dedicated team that engages in follow-up calls, with the patients signed permission, to offer support and measure our outcomes. This allows us to have an ongoing approach to improvement and assess our programs and care. These follow up questions include a short survey which originates at the time of admission and then is provided again at the time of discharge. There is also a team which takes this follow-up further and reaches out to patient at one month, six months and up to a year after discharge to evaluate their progress.

We place very high priority on differentiating ourselves from other mental health institutions. We believe that the patient’s comfort level is one of the most important aspects, and we strive to provide that to them.

When an individual is referred to our Palms Behavioral Health facility, or presents on their own, they are greeted by our front receptionist. Following a cost-free assessment, which is available 24/7 by a licensed clinician to determine the level of care need, a recommendation is provided.

Group Counseling

Admission to Palms Behavioral Health begins with an orientation to the program and unit to address questions and concerns that patients, family members, or friends need answered. If admitted to one of our programs, the patient is introduced to a therapeutic milieu which has safety, structure and education as the primary elements; this way, patients feel very comfortable at Palms Behavioral Health.

This helps patients take on the work required to move toward individual and family growth toward health.  With alignment, patients remain engaged in groups and remain receptive to the programs which are offered. Our belief is that often individuals have experienced some level of trauma which requires a period of recognition and coping which patient often feel that they have to handle alone. Palms Behavioral Health has caring staff who are motivated by an intrinsic desire to provide quality care with compassion. Our hospital trauma informed care and evidence-based practices allows us to address a wide variety of trauma. This allows for better efficacy in treatment and sensitivity to the struggles which our patients bring in with them.

Looking ahead, we will also be adding to our programming and continuum of care to offer inpatient detox, rehabilitation, and outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatments.