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We welcome those who are providers, whose intent is to improve the lives of those you help. At Palms Behavioral Health, we are here to help be your partner in behavioral health care and to help improve the lives of your patient.

Our teams understand providers in the community have a special interest in finding the best care for their patients, clients and residents. We know that you may see the need for behavioral health support, those with depression and PTSD, as well as other mental health issues, and have some uncertainty on where to start. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to help support you in finding the best care for your patients, so call us anytime at 956-365-2600.

We want to involve you in your patient’s treatment, from their first admission to their final discharge, so we encourage you to contact us directly if you have a referral. We believe it takes a team approach towards achieving wellness for our patients.

Please note many of the individuals that we serve in our hospital are referred by their:

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Psychiatrist/Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Universities/Schools
  • Medical Specialist (Cardiologist, Neurologist, Gynecologist)
  • Spiritual/Religious Clergy
  • Case Manager
  • Military Based Professionals
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Legal/Judicial Professionals

In addition, to learn more about our services and our partnering opportunities, feel free to call our facility at 956-365-2600 and ask for the Director of Business Development. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and your staff in person.