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Provider FAQs

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How long can I expect my patient or client to be in the inpatient or outpatient program?

The length of stay can vary by population and individual needs. Because we are an acute setting we usually have individuals seeking treatment stay with us between nine and fifteen days. Sometimes they stay for a shorter or longer period of time. The outpatient program is a structured day and can last typically between two and six weeks depending on the individual’s needs.

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What if they receive an assessment and you are not the right place for them? What happens next?

If our facility isn’t the right fit, we work to ensure your patient or client leaves with resources and options. We want to make sure they leave with follow-up measures in place to help them in areas we do not offe

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How are the services paid for? Is there anything I need to do?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and most commercial insurances. This is something our team coordinates and all you need to do is send your patient or client to us for an assessment. We are happy to help answer any questions you or your patient or client may have related to cost.

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What happens after they discharge? Do you follow the patients/clients?

Upon discharge, every patient is scheduled to meet with a provider in the community for a follow-up appointment. The provider in the community will receive a discharge summary outlining a treatment plan and any new medications. Our team does not follow the patient upon discharge but is happy to help answer any questions to ensure a smooth transition.

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What are some of the reasons I might send a patient or client to you for help?

There are many reasons a person may need our help. They may have severe or mild behavioral health challenges and it is important to note we can offer support at varying levels. Some of the most common reasons providers look to our team to help is when someone is suffering from anxiety, feelings of depression, changes in relationships, racing thoughts, auditory or visual hallucinations and thoughts or feelings of self-harm.

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