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Palms Behavioral Health – New Opening in Harlingen Texas

With Palms Behavioral Health recently opening in Harlingen, Texas, it offers an exciting new opportunity for locals to take the time to invest in their mental health. The facility cost $13 million to bring into production, and offers 94 beds; this makes it one of the most efficient psychiatric hospitals in the region.  This facility is the answer to what experts in the area are calling an extremely underserved area, meaning the Rio Grande Valley. The hopes are that Palms Behavioral Health is able to take the reigns as a leader in the community, and continue pushing to provide quality mental health care.

During the grand opening of the facility, Palms CEO Michael Sauceda addressed 200+ folks who had gathered to be a part of this exciting affair. “Today is an incredible day for the Rio Grande Valley,” he said. “We’re going to have an opportunity to impact everyone in the Rio Grande Valley. All the families that are dealing with mental health issues, the issues that for a long time did not have the resources we have today.  Strategic (Behavioral Health) and the Palms are a great testament to making the investment not only in the facility … but all the people who are coming through this building on a daily basis.  I truly thank everybody for being here today.”

The need for mental health facilities and quality care is a critical one here in the United States. With rising statistics throughout the nation, especially in regards to suicide and depression, men and women need medical facilities that can truly make them feel comfortable, open, welcome and relatable when it comes to talking about these tough mental health topics. Addiction is another area that needs to be addressed, as we are facing a crisis as a nation when it comes to opioids and their prevalent use throughout our society.

Harlingen, Texas is also a growing center for the medical community for this region; it was a perfect choice for Strategic Behavioral Health to set up Palms in this area.

Palms Behavioral Health has caring staff who are motivated by an intrinsic desire to provide quality care with compassion. Our hospital trauma informed care and evidence based practices that address a wide variety of trauma. This allows for better efficacy in treatment and sensitivity to the struggles which our patients bring in with them. As a part of the Strategic Behavioral Health network, our values and ideals stand the same at each of our facilities; Palms Behavioral Health is no different.

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