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National Suicide Prevention – Interview with Palms Behavioral Health Clinical Director

World Suicide Prevention Day has been established in order to help promote awareness about the 10th-leading cause of death in the United States. Millions of men, women, children, seniors and adults suffer through serious depression every year, with some cases eventually developing into suicidal behavioral patterns. Speaking out and making the leap can be one of the biggest influencing factors in helping to normalize the acceptance of these mental health challenges.

Many cultures throughout the country still struggle with certain stigmas in regards to mental health, which can cause men and women alike to keep suicidal thoughts to themselves; this can be a double-edged sword, since the suicidal thoughts continue to come, no intervention takes place, and there remains a culture of perpetual avoidance of these serious issues. Fighting stigmas needs to continue to happen in our country, as it blinds us to the reality of what we face as a nation. In terms of mental health, we are at a crossroads, and we need to do better as a nation to be able to address what mental health issues we face and how we can combat them.

You should never be afraid to speak up, especially if you are concerned for someone’s safety.  Not all cases go as they should, and not every individual suffering from depression will be able to articulate what they are experiencing. However, with a keen eye and by paying attention to detail, one may be able to maintain awareness of the signs that a loved one is experiencing severe depression or suicidal symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are blatant, such as an individual attempting to harm his or herself; other times there may be no warning at all. The key is to ask questions and to make sure that you truly probe into how they are feeling and what exactly they are experiencing.

Palms Behavioral Health is a mental health facility that also is able to help address severe depression and suicidal issues when it comes to mental health – patients are able to sleep normally, focus on themselves and develop routines that will help encourage healing. They are able to write down their thoughts and feelings and establish what exactly it is that they need to focus on. We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and loving atmosphere, which makes it far easier to pinpoint and work on these issues.

Make every day Suicide Prevention Day, and you will likely be able to save more lives than you realize – contact Palms Behavioral Health for any questions regarding depression and suicide, or contact us for a free and confidential evaluation at 956-365-2000.

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