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Elderly Abuse Awareness

June Is the Month For World Elder Abuse Awareness

June is the Month For World Elder Abuse Awareness In many countries and communities around the world, the proportion...


What can you do for mental health month?

What can you do for mental health month? May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and that means its time...

Mental Health Nutrition

Good Mental Health Nutrition

Mental Health Nutrition What we put into our bodies can always affect us in different ways.  Some individuals may...

Mental Health Issues

When Health Issues Become Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues When interacting with individuals who discuss psychiatric issues, we may often hear the phrases “Mental Health...

Childrens advocacy center (1)

Advocacy Center’s Support

Thank You Cameron County Children’s Advocacy Center for supporting Palms Behavioral Health. We appreciate your help and are proud...


Can One Phone Call Help?

How does a person get mental health help? Can one phone call really make a difference? When it comes...


Does Your Child Need Mental Health Help?

When it comes to mental health issues in children, it is important to realize that these problems can often...

Close-up of a senior couple smiling

Geriatric Depression

Depression is often a natural part of our emotional canvas, one of many emotions that we can experience within...

Multi-ethnic, mixed age group of people in a group counseling session with a therapist.  The female counselor, psychiatrist, or therapist is taking notes on her notepad in background, while talking to the group in an office setting.  Latin descent young adult woman in foreground.

Benefits of Psychiatry

The state of our nation when it comes to mental health issues is a bit precarious.  While the country...


Human Trafficking

One of the more serious issues that the world has been facing, and one that one is not often...

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